Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I will miss while I'm in New York....

My Brothers & Sisters...
Well Duhhh who wouldn't? I have the greatest siblings ever!
First is my oldest brother Pulu Otukolo
When I was little we were so close. When everyone else cried for my mom I was crying for him! Lol As we grew up we kinda grew apart but I still feel close with him through his kids & wife & see him as a father figure. His wife Dianna has been with us ever since I can remember (Since I was ten) and she's been like one of my real sisters. I can clown on her, & talk to her bout everything. She always has great advice!
Tevita Otukolo
(who is single ladies lol) Where do I start with him? We were never super close when I was younger and I barely talked to him but as I have grown up we have gotten closer & I love talking to him. He always gives us the honest advice. You know the kind that kinda hurts sometimes? Lol but I'm glad he don't beat around the bush. Even when it comes down to fashion. (Hes not gay. Lol) he'll just tell you if something looks funny on you. This guy will do anything for us. He'll spend his last dollar on us if we wanted it. He is the most selfless person I know! When I first had the thought of serving an LDS mission the first person I wanted to talk to was him. He was the only one of my siblings that served a mission so I wanted to know how it was. This talk with him was what really made me decide that a mission was the next step for me.
Leafa Faletau

Married to Alo Faletau of Provo. Fah grew up with my grandparents for a while than came back home to us. As we were growing up I was scared of her. Now we have a bond so close! I love hanging out with her because we just crack up about everything & talk about how annoying guys are! Not about her husband of course! lol And anything else there is to talk about. She always has my back and tells me what I need to hear not want to hear. I know I can count on her for anything. A couple months ago I got into a car accident in her & her husbands truck :/ and I felt like crap! But I'm glad out of all my bros & sisters it was hers because her & her husband were really nice & understanding. Idk how the other would have taken that.
Keila Otukolo
My brother I like to call my sister! lol He is married to Sina Laulu of West Valley, whom I have always been close to. I would tell her all my secrets & talk crap about my sisters to her, you know the usual stuff. I was with Keila & Sina at the hospital the whole time Sina was getting ready to have baby Vita & for most of Damian's birth. I loved being with them because I finally got to be alone, I was kinda spoiled. I remember when we were little Pulu would always make me cook him some saimini. Sometimes I would walk over to Keila & tell him Pulu said for him to make some saimini. Keila never believed me so he would go ask Pulu & he would be annoyed and tell him to just go make it. Man I was so smart! lmbo
Luseni Lapota

The older twin Married to Paea from good ol' Oakland. He is such a big help to my family. My mom always calls him before she calls her own sons! smh He is such a family man and he is a perfect balance for my crazy sister. Growing up me & Sen were really close. We used to bully Lynn all the time because she was always snitching! lol When Seni got married things changed. Paea stole her away from me! lol When she was prego  I was so excited for her & loved helping her & I still do. We kinda bump heads here and there because we're too much alike. Stubborn! lol
Lene Tenifa

Married to Lolo Tenifa. He is so kind to me. Always looking out. Only bad thing is he is a Utes fan :/ lol Lynn & I grew closer together when we worked together at the Hampton Inn. Everyone always asked how we liked working together since we're sisters and honestly, I loved it! I mean who better to work with than someone who really knows you!? I was not a morning person & she knew that so we wouldn't have full conversations till about 9:30 AMish (Boy did I miss her when my new bubbly co-worker started.) We worker together now & I love it. She always helps with the days off. Lynn is always thinking about others.
Telesia Otukolo

Ohhhh my liddo brother aka son! Wishes she was married to Juni of Rose Park. lol Where to begin with her? Well I remember when we were little I couldn't stand her! What did I do to deserve such an annoying little sister!? lol Now that I think of it, it was probably because she stole all the attention that was supposed to be mine! lmbo Now I do everything with her! When I get something to eat I have to see if she's hungry. Or when were at the mall I have to buy her something as well. She isn't the best listener but I still tell her everything. She is the type that don't know what to say when I'm crying or is texting when I'm telling her how cool my date was. Yet she expects me to listen to her boring stories. She is my best friend & I couldn't be any happier with that. 
Lynda Marie

My wannabe grown baby sister. This girl kills me sometimes. Always up to something or giving attitude where it's not needed. She acts just like me & Sia & that is not good. lol She yells "wait!" to my mom or calls everyone annoying or fat girl! lol But she is smart & she loves to share. She is willing to help IF she is in a good mood. She drives me crazy but I still love her(:

All I'm trying to say is, we don't have perfect relationships with each other but I can not picture my life without these people. I will miss both the annoying & great qualities each one of my brothers and sisters have.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What I will miss while I'm in New York...

My Mother Linda Alo Ika

I have no idea what I would do without her. She has been my support system, my rock, and foundation since day 1! My mom was the typical stay at home mom when I was younger. She would clean the house, do the shopping, & of course cook. She took all 8 of us kids to church every Sunday than went home to make food for my dad before he got off work.  She raised us in the church and always taught us that no matter what we do in life or where we go we should always make the Lord apart of it.
Years of living like this day after day we moved to Tonga. Shortly after moving to Tonga my mom & dad got a divorce. I remember me & my sisters all sitting with our mom crying in her arms and she didn't even shed one tear when she was with us. Even after something like this happened my mother did not change. She did not think about herself and what she was going through she continued to raise us like there was no problem. When we moved back to Utah we were broke living with my aunt. Since my dad was the only one who worked & that source of income was gone my mom was forced to work to support the rest of us kids. She never complained ever about money & I never felt like we were poor or didn't have money because she always got us what we wanted.
What I'm trying to say is my mother truly is my hero. Not a day goes by where she is helping someone (mostly her own annoying kids.) I get soo annoyed when she doesn't ask for gas money from whoever used our car, or when kids are left with her so their parents can go out. But she always says to me, "One day when you have kids you try and say no to them." Hoiiiiii lol
The thing I am most grateful to her for is raising me in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Through out our life if anything good or bad happened to us she would relate it in one way or another to the church or the Lord testing us. She has taught us the law of Tithing since I was in Primary & I always wanted to pay the 1$ I got in tithing. lol She has been fasting every Tuesday ever since I can remember & going to the Temple every Saturday she can. With all the struggles & trials she has been through (most of them thanks to us kids) she has always remained strong for us. I love you Mommy & wouldn't trade you for anything in this world!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's hear it for New Yorkkk!!

(Read my title in my Alicia Keys singing voice! lol )  
I have been called to labor in the New York, New York North Mission! Words can not even describe this feeling/high I am on! lol Reading that letter to ME from our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson was a feeling I have never felt before. It was like did he really take some time out to write this just for me? Ahhhh(: Sharing that moment with the people closest to me,(Minus my best friend) made it that much more special! Well just wanted to do a quick update because I feel like sharing the news with the world! lol More updates to come.

*I report to the Provo MTC on December 28th 2011 (:

I'll spend one more Christmas with my family yay!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Delayyyy :/

So I just got word from my bishop that we have a problem.... Or I have a problem. Because I either don't really know you (I really would love to meet you though...) or we are super close, Imma get alll personal up in here! lol So about two (and maybe a half) years ago I was working at a hotel the 3PM -11PM shift. Normally I'd get home around 11:30ish, finally fall asleep at 1 AMish and wake up around 1:30PMish to get ready for work.Well one day I was getting in the shower to get ready for work & I was feeling super dizzy. I started to walk to my sisters room & I straight blacked out right there butt naked! lol I'm totally kidding I had my towel on. I got up fully aware of what happened, went down to my sister Fah and told her what happened. My theory was I slept too much and didn't eat enough. Normally I ate at work because it was FREE(: So using my professional opinion I didn't go see a doctor (& if your poly I'm sure you know that don't really count as a reason to go to the doctors or "use money") and I just went back to bed. Than it happened again a couple of different times (last time was in May 2011)& still I didn't want to go to the doctors (because now it was cuttin into my personal I noticed though it was always when I was on my period. Made a mental note of that & moved on. When I was filling out my papers I did make note on the medical portion about what happens to me. Sooo of course now I'm getting a physical & the doctor has to make sure it won't be something that might affect my chances of going. As you might have read before I was healthy so the doctor signed his life away. He told me all my blood work was normal and the only other reason that was happening to me was because I was loosing too much blood and I was getting dehydrated. He told me to drink lots of water especially during that time of the month. Welllll now that you know that story I can tell you this one. The stake President emailed my bishop & told him that the church office needs more information from my doctor about the seriousness of the situation. Soooo I have to call my doctor and see if he can write a letter saying he promises I won't die (fingers crossed) because of it. lol Than I send it to the stake who will fax it to the church office & than I wait some more for my call. I just hope I get it done befor general conference and our stake conference the week after because I'm sure the church gets super busy during that time.
Well wish me luck.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Right place?

If Satan wasn't testing me before he sure is now! I went to support my bruhh Fish Bate at his concert on Friday and after I left I felt like that wasn't a very good choice. It wasn't at a club but it had the same feel as a club. You know, drunks, skanks, "tough" guys... all those annoying people under one roof. Well with drunks comes drama right? RiGHT! I didn't think it would be towards me but it was. You know when your so mad you can't think, you don't wanna listen to anything anyone has to say and you just want to cry? Well that's exactly how I felt & some! So much was going through my head. Should I pour her drink on her, should I slap her? Push her? Something mean so I can feel better!? But I'm glad someone held me back so I can actually use my head. While I was debating which mean thing to do back to her, every other thought was, Your almost getting your calling, your representing the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, you care about her family, your bruhh just on stage, your better than her! And I stepped back to my spot, wiped the tear that almost came down, smiled, and continued dancing. That was a HUGE test for me! (I'm getting teary-eyed) I'm extremely grateful the spirit remained with me even though I was at a place I should not have gone to in the first place. I was with the girls I was with for a reason (Love you Kess) to help me remember I have a bigger purpose in life & That I am better than to do the same things that were done to me. Although I'm still soo hurt by all of it and wish things with us were different, I'm just going to move on... Or try to. The Lord knows exactly what we're going through & what we need. Today I my primary lesson was on Forgiving others! Annoying right? lol It was soo hard to teach this lesson when I still haven't fully (or even a little) forgiven this person. I know I will eventually but for now I'm going to keep praying to be humble & to soften my heart. <3NancyPamela'Otukolo

Monday, August 29, 2011


So obviously I don't get the process lol but my papers are officially in. As in the church authorities have it and are deciding where they will send me in this world to help share our amazing Gospel. I went in and spoke to Stake President Kinikini on Tuesday Aug. 23 and from that moment on I had no doubt in my mind this is exactly what I need to being doing at this time. And I can't let anything or anyone get in my way. Our stake president has such an amazing spirit when he talks I did not wanna leave his office but he had a long line. (Elder Kalama Molisi returned home that day and was getting released.) But before I left he told me they were submitting them that night and it will take from two to three weeks til I receive my call. Which is actually a week or two away from today! CRAZY right?? I'm just ready to get out there and share what I've learned to love and believe in about the Church of Latter Day Saints. I'm extremely grateful to be apart of it and what better way to show how grateful I am than by sharing it? <3NancyPamela'Otukolo

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rough out.

So I gotta admit I was totally dreading going to Girls camp when I found out that the girls in our ward will be moved to other wards and that we would get a bunch of girls from all the other wards. It's not like I didn't like the Young Women in the other wards, I was just thinking about how our Cannon 2nd girls are sooo easy to please. We could sit around and talk to each other the whole time and still go home and say we had a blast! Anyways so I got off work and went straight to the bishops house to get ready to drive up. (I know crack head status!) Anyways we get there and the girls are sitting around talking, makin things for their secret sisters, and eating. Than comes the time to switch I was still annoyed and complained as they were leaving. So I was sitting there waiting and all the new girls come. All quiet except for Pele who came from Parkview ward which is like our sister ward. As we got to know them they were all super sweet. We assigned them into tent with girls we know didn't know each other at all! I mean this camp was about gettin to know each other and what better way to get to know someone than to sleep with them.. Or next to them. Yea that sounds a little more appropriate. lol The good thing for us ward leaders is that the stake planned activities for pretty much all day that we only had to worry about the food! When it came time to sleep I was soo surprised by how many for the girls actually stayed at our ward. Only two of the 16 went back to their wards. Mona & Uinise came up to camp with us as leaders which turned out to be so much help! Not only did I use all of the stuff  Mona packed, I got to know her better(: When it was time to sleep us three were in a tent and we decided we wanted to star gaze than sleep outside of the tent. 
(Kay we are hella pretending to sleep in this picture because when I was sleeping every part of my body was under my blanket because it was freeezzzing all night!)
The next night we had a little award ceremony where we recognized each of the girls for the other wards with an award of something we noticed about them from our short time together. One of the girls got out "Most Hood" award because she actually beat up a girl at camp and went home. lol After all that we had a testimony meeting that was filled with the spirit. We had such amazing girls in our ward I miss them right now! The next night was skit night. We had Samuel the Laminate. For those of you who do not know this story it's about Samuel preaching on the city wall and the city rejects his teaching and mock him. He predicts the three days & nights of darkness and after it happens they have a change of heart. The girls were challenged to think about how that happens now a days & make up a skit from that. They came up with the idea of someone preaching and each of them would act out different trials and temptations  they face everyday. We had the word of wisdom, law of Chastity, gossip, and fighting. Than after the things the person was preaching about comes true they would repent and change. It was so funny & I'm super grateful EVERY single girl participated. 
Me & Mona being the GREAT leaders we and eating while the girls do certifications.
Love these headaches:TeleSia,Nancy#2,UiniseT.
Don't hate my 6pack(;
My Tienna Latu who loves me dearly.
Yeah I made that fire all on my own! lol
Over all the camp turned out way better than I expected it too and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to go to girls camp for what might be the last time. I love my original Cannon girls as well as my New Cannon girls better known as the C-Flowers!